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Published: 24th January 2012
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Email marketing program
The email is the most widely used electronic means of communication next to chat, voice calls, and video calls. Almost everyone has at least one email address either from one of the ‘big three’ – yahoo!, gmail, and Hotmail, or using a personal or corporate webmail service.

For most companies, the email is considered official form of communications since each user is controlled by a unique signature in a form of a password. For internet consumers, email offers and online purchases are already a norm, yet for traditional customers, they may need more time and emails to make the purchase online.

Yet, not all email marketing campaigns are designed to close the sale online only. Some offers are also made available in the stores, thus, the email promotion just serves as a sales prompt for products or services available offline.

In a marketing campaign, Email marketing is very important, considering that it is very cost efficient and easy to create, this can also help in a number of ways;
• Making a New Product Known
Email addresses or leads are usually generated from website visitors that have either registered to a free article or report, availed of a service, or has purchased a product beforehand. Usually, the email addresses that you have are of site visitors already familiar of what your company is about or your products and services.
There is no better way to introduce a new product or service than making a special issue of your online magazine or supplement. Making an exclusive issue for a product will give it more emphasis and importance.
Also, this is a way for a new promotion to be made known to customers.
• Increase Your Sales Conversion
Follow up is always necessary, regardless of how good the quality of your product or service is, site visitors won’t convert into sales on their first visit. The conversion rate of the first visit is if they already have previous experience with online purchases and that the consumer has already been exposed to different promotions early on.
In fact, research indicates that it takes the average shopper up to nine visits before they’ll make a buying decision. In other words, every effective sales process requires an element of repetition.
The bottom line is, capturing an email address gives you a ‘Plan B’ and allows you to follow-up with someone after potential customers left the website.
• Generate Repeat Sales
The reason why Comcast, Abbott, Allstate, Amazon, and American Express remain the top five ad spenders (Marketer Trees) across all media (including the internet) is to continue building up their already sturdy brands and images.
Not only to generate repeat sales, but to build a subconscious image to their customers that they are strong brands. This principle applies to a regular and constant Email Marketing program – to build an image of stability and cultivate confidence with customers.
Generating the first sale may cost up to ten times than a repeat customer, regaining a lost customer will be just as costly.
Keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis via email allows you to generate repeat sales which can be up to four times more profitable than the initial purchase.
A good email marketing campaign will increase the frequency of repeat purchases from your existing customers.
• Gain Valuable Feedback from Your Visitors
As a good marketing tool, the Email is also an avenue to be in contact with customers; know their thoughts on your product or service, suggestions for improvement, or even a good feedback for a commitment that was met.
Customer feedback is an invaluable tool for any business. This feedback allows you to determine areas for improvements on products and services, a more defined target market, the ideal pricing, among others.
Email in particular provides your customers with a unique opportunity to give honest feedback. Unlike face-to-face interaction where people can be shy about voicing their true feelings, email allows them to get right to the point.
By using email as a feedback tool you can adapt to what the market wants and improve your business.
• Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases
Surprisingly, email marketing is often a catalyst for web users to go and make a purchase offline. When surveyed, 59% of email users said that they have made a purchase offline after receiving an email promotion.
Why? Sometimes a user will find something they want online but they need it straight away and can’t afford to wait for delivery. Other times, the product might need to be demonstrated and they want to see, touch and feel the item.
If you run a conventional offline business you can use email marketing to drive foot traffic through your door or bring them to pick up the phone and make a call.

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